Speaker Testimonials

Hear what your expert speakers have to say on the value of the Gene Therapy Patient Engagement Summit:

Jean-Pierre Makowski - Novartis

"I am excited to join the gene therapy community in Boston and connect both with my industry peers and the patient advocates who contribute to patient-focused drug development."

Jean-Pierre Malkowski, Executive Director, Global Patient Engagement Centre of Excellence, Novartis


"I am keenly anticipating participation in the Gene Therapy Patient Engagement conference in June. Now that we have the first licenced Gene Therapies for Haemophilia, rhetoric meets reality, and it is important to me as a patient and patient representative to participate and engage in an open and constructive dialogue and understand the nuanced views of all key stakeholders."

Brian O’Mahony, Chief Executive Officer, Irish Haemophilia Society

Jennifer McNary - Canary

"Gene Therapy offers the promise of one-time treatments that can positively alter the trajectory of fatal diseases. I am excited to come together with leading experts, to discuss the challenges and workshop solutions to better outcomes in the space."

Jennifer McNary, Co-Founder & Principal, Canary Advisors

Andrea Wilkinson - UCB

"The GTx Patient Engagement Summit opens the door to listen, learn and partner with experienced patient communities and industry pioneers, paving the way in gene therapy through patient-driven evidence generation collaborations."

Andrea Wilkinson, Global Head, Patient Engagement Portfolio Strategy, UCB

Behtash Bahador - CISCRP

"Exchanging insights and knowledge that lower barriers to better patient engagement and collaboration in clinical research is a key part of CISCRP’s work – we are excited to both learn and share alongside the patient and research community!"

Behtash Bahador, Director, Health Literacy, CISCRP

Sara Davis - CRISPR Therapeutics

"Through the patient advocacy program at CRISPR Therapeutics, I’ve built relationships with patient advocacy groups and people living with cancer that have helped us create educational materials that support community knowledge about gene editing technology. I am excited to share some of our best practices at the patient engagement summit."

Sara Davis, Senior Director, Patient Advocacy & Government Affairs, CRISPR Therapeutics

Mindy Cameron - AdvocacyWorks

"Engaging with patients and advocacy groups early and often throughout the drug development process is key to meaningful and successful therapies and patient support programs. Hanson Wade is a leader at gathering diverse groups of thought leaders for robust, enlightening, and transformative discussion."

Mindy Cameron, Life Sciences Consultant, AdvocacyWorks