Mastermind: The (Mis)conception of Gene Therapies as a Cure

Time: 10:00 am
day: Day Two


One of the biggest misconceptions in the genetic medicines field is the idea that it is a cure. When the word ‘cure’ itself means different things to different people, one of the biggest challenges patient advocacy and engagement functions face when communicating on gene therapies is what they are, and what they are not. This is then compounded by different outcomes in different disease areas, different types of genetic medicines, and awareness in different patient communities.

This mastermind will give each group the same set of questions surrounding this idea, and then answers will be collated at the end of the session and distributed to all attendees post-conference to gain insights into current perspectives in the field, and suggestions and ideas of relevant actions we can take as a collective to navigate misconceptions in gene therapy.

Topics to cover include:
• What do people think of when we use the word ‘cure’?
• How can there be a ‘best practice’ to describe what gene therapies are, and what they are not?
• What are some of the other misconceptions people have about gene therapy?
• How can we tackle misconceptions in-house between different departments?
• Any examples of strategies and tools to effectively explain the concept of gene therapies to share with the group?