The 4th Annual Gene Therapy Patient Engagement Summit

Leverage lessons learnt from gene therapy companies with late-stage and approved products on how they’ve used novel tools and methods to better understand the patient perspective, what worked, and what they would have done differently. Balance the ‘external’ and ‘internal’ hats that patient advocacy and engagement professionals wear; effectively communicate with patient advocacy groups, individual patients, and different cross-functional teams - from legal & compliance to clinical operations - to support the development of transformative gene therapies.

Who Will You Meet?

Join your peers working in patient advocacy, engagement, clinical operations and medical affairs at the only industry-led event focused specifically on the unique challenges of engaging patients in gene therapy development, from early interactions working towards first-in-human trials through to commercial products.

Join Your Peers To:

Delve into the intricacies of gene therapy terminology and collaborative efforts to improve health literacy in gene therapy communication to improve patient understanding with Regeneron and the National Bleeding Disorders Foundation.

Explore how to incorporate patient advocacy group perspectives in shaping early education efforts with Tenaya Therapeutics. Evaluate educational strategies across diverse communities with Spark Therapeutics. Navigate how to adapt engagement approaches for resistant communities to boost educational interest with Decibel Therapeutics.

Understand the importance of elevating the patient voice at all stages of development. Explore how to involve patient perspectives from the project’s conception with Atsena Therapeutics and Sanofi, and understand how to balance business & commercial demands whilst still upholding patient-centric values with Biogen.

Uncover how to advance diversity & inclusion through inclusive care coordination to improve patient access with Novartis and discover how to empower global communities by overcoming geographical and language barriers with Rocket Pharmaceuticals.

Learn how to foster trust and transparency between an industry partner and patient group with Ultragenyx Pharmaceutical and International Foundation for CDKL5 Research by proactive resolutions, trust-building activities, and communication.

What Your Peers Have to Say


"This Summit is highly focused and even more collaborative. People who are working through some of the same challenges share insights with each other on keys to success and identify the next issues to address."

Behtash Bahador, Director - Health Literacy, CISCRP


‘’I’m excited to discuss the challenges and opportunities to engage patients in a constructive manner to help bring new therapies to patients as efficiently and effectively as possible.’’

Martin Wilson, Chief Compliance Officer, Rocket Pharmaceuticals