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Welcome to the 2nd Annual Gene Therapy Patient Engagement Summit

Join the 2nd Annual Gene Therapy Patient Engagement Summit to discuss key challenges with detailed case studies, ensuring key learnings and insights will be applied in your own gene therapy development programs going forward. Address the key industry challenges at the interface of patient engagement and gene therapy across 3-days of unrivalled presentations, including:


Managing Expectations of Gene Therapy Across Different Stakeholders

Explore strategies to work in conjunction with patient groups across research, development, and commercialization continuum, with insights from Encoded Therapeutics


Incorporating the Latest Regulatory Guidelines on Patient Input

Understand the current regulatory guidelines for integrating patient perspectives and how this applies in the context of genetic therapy development, with insights from the FDA


Designing & Implementing Meaningful Clinical Trials

Build a patient-centered clinical trial protocol, optimize the informed consent process, and develop patient-driven outcome measures, with insights from Solid Biosciences



Tackling Education & Misconceptions in Gene Therapy

Evaluate tools to explain the concept of genomic medicines, including gene editing, create resources and distribute them effectively, with insights from uniQure


Engaging Early in Development with Patient Groups

Establish relationships to build trust, prepare effectively for early preclinical trials, and understand the needs and wants of patient communities, with insights from Taysha Gene Therapies